12 Daily Affirmations for

Young Boys of Color

by Carliss Maddox, Paperback

This children's book contains 12 daily affirmations to read aloud every day. It is a simple book that will empower young boys to create their own narratives of who they are and who they can become. Prepare your child every morning with this identity-affirming book. This book will build up and promote self-awareness in the lives of young boys of color everywhere. 


by Carliss Maddox, Paperback

Firstgarten is about a little boy named Michael, who loved his kindergarten class so much that when it was time for him to go to first grade, he didn't want to go. Michael was overcome with so much fear about going to first grade, that he decides to come up with a plan to attend both grades at the same time! As Michael enters his first-grade classroom, he looks for the little round tables he once had in his kindergarten class, but all he sees are desks that look larger than life. This is not what Michael expected. Michael puts his elaborate plan into action on the first day of school. Will it work? 

The Making of Firstgarten

Take a look at how Firstgarten was made! 

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